Encinitas is located along the beautiful Pacific Ocean in Southern California. Although you won’t find many “little oaks” (the Spanish meaning of Encinitas), you will find a vibrant seaside community perfect for a day of surfing and long walks along the beach. While you’re driving, enjoying the sun, you may find yourself in a minor fender-bender along I5. If so, CID Auto Body and Paint near Encinitas is the best auto body repair shop. We’ll have your car repaired as quickly as possible with little downtime, so you can return to enjoying life in sunny California.


Auto body is pretty much what it sounds like: fixing problems with the body of your automobile. Most of the time, auto body repairs are needed when you get in a car accident. If you’ve been driving for any amount of time, odds are, you’ve accidentally hit something (or someone accidentally hit you). After all, we’re all human, and mistakes happen. As drivers, however, it’s up to us to minimize these mistakes not only to protect our vehicle, but also to protect other people. Causing an accident that involves major trauma, or even death, to another person is something we as drivers want to avoid as much as possible. Here are our tips for avoiding accidents, so you don’t have to visit our auto body shop in Encinitas.


  1. Avoid driving with distractions. Many states are now banning driving while texting and for good reason: distracted driving causes many accidents. Watching the road at all times is the best way to prevent accidents. Do your best to minimize distractions inside your vehicle. Put away your cell phone and don’t answer it if it rings. Your phone call can wait. Passengers are the next biggest distraction. Conversation is good, but if you’re a newer driver, it’s more important to focus on the road. Also, pets should be contained. Excellent pet gates are made to lock your dog up in the back. Pets can climb all over you or do something you don’t like and when you go to chastise him or her, an accident occurs.
  2. Don’t tailgate. Too many people drive way too close to others. Your vehicle, which weighs on average of 3000 pounds, needs time to stop. If someone slams on his or her brakes in front of you, you need time to react, time to press the brake, and time to allow your car to slow down — all in a matter of milliseconds. At CID Auto Body and Repair near Encinitas, the majority of our auto body repairs is fender benders, a lot of which could have been avoided.
  3. Slow down. Our lives are busy. From running to the grocery store to grabbing a gallon of milk to driving across town to pick up your child from soccer practice and getting home in time to cook dinner, we all lead rushed lives. Driving the speed limit is a great way to avoid accidents and avoid auto collision repair. When you’re in town, you’re not going to save more than five minutes here or there by slowing down.
  4. Pull into traffic slowly. Experts recommend looking twice in both directions before you pull into traffic, which is excellent advice. Your brain can only take in so much information and process it in seconds. A biker, a child, a dog, or a squirrel can dart in front of your car that you missed. Drive with caution always.
  5. Watch of red-light runners. It seems this is more and more a frequent problem. Yes, you have the right of way when the light turns green. But if someone is running a green light, it does you no good to hit them to prove a point. Experts recommend waiting 3 seconds before pulling out once the light turns green.
  6. Be gracious. This is really hard to do, but odds are you don’t want any more stress than you already have from your day-to-day activities. We all want to avoid road rage, which is a violent anger that occurs while driving where the driver escalates an altercation and can result in an automobile accident that would then require auto collision repair at CID Auto Body and Paint near Encinitas. The Golden Rule applies while driving: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  7. Scan ahead. Try to look ahead by two or three car lengths while driving, so you can see if someone ahead of you slams on their brakes. This not only saves wear and tear on your car, but also prevents automobile accidents.
  8. Look where you are going. Backup cameras that are appearing in more and more vehicles are nice, but they won’t replace your mirrors and you actually looking. Don’t let technology replace common sense. Look behind you while backing up. Glance over your shoulder when switching lanes.
  9. Avoid eating and driving. In our busy lives and with a fast-food restaurant on every street corner, it’s easy to eat while driving. However, eating is just another distraction for you to overcome as a driver, and surprisingly, does cause its fair share of auto collisions we see at CID Auto Body and Paint near Encinitas. Fishing around for the fry that fell on the floor is not a good idea on a major highway. Either pull over and eat or wait until you are at your destination.
  10. Don’t drink and drive. Drinking and driving is never a good idea. So many people’s lives have been changed (both the victim and the driver) when a drunk driver causes a fatality. In this modern world of Ubers and taxis, there is no excuse for driving drunk, even if you only live a few blocks away. In the end, it’s never worth it.

CID Auto Body and Repair near Encinitas is the best auto body shop. As much as we love working on your car or truck, we’d rather not see you if your auto body repair was from an automobile accident that could have been avoided.

Most people associate auto body repair with car accidents. While the majority of our work does come from vehicle accidents, CID Auto Body and Paint near Encinitas also does minor repairs as well such as fixing any dents from opening your car door or scratches from accidentally scraping against your shopping cart in the parking lot.


Along with collision repair, CID Auto Body and Paint near Encinitas offers glass replacement and repair services. It’s always best to get the chip in your windshield repaired as soon as possible, so it doesn’t cause a crack. And if you do have a crack in your windshield, our auto glass repair experts can have your windshield replaced in no time.


Fleet and industrial services offered by CID Auto Body and Paint near Encinitas is a service we offer in order to better serve our business customers. As a business owner with lots of vehicles to maintain, CID Auto Body and Paint understands how daunting of a task it can be to keep up with each individual vehicle in your fleet. At CID Auto Body and Paint, we’ll keep immaculate records on maintenance for you as well as record all the services we perform. We want to do our part to help your business grow and succeed by offering the best fleet and industrial services near Encinitas.

Like auto accidents, dents happen. Let the experts at CID Auto Body and Paint help remove your dent from hail or otherwise, using PDR removal techniques. Paint-Less Dent Removal is the quickest way to repair your vehicle without compromising the integrity of your vehicle. We have all of the necessary tools to remove dents from your vehicle. If you’re in the Encinitas area, give us a call for a custom free estimate.


CID Auto Body and Paint believes in the best, and the best bedliner on the market is Rhino Lining. We have a whole shop dedicated to Rhino Linings. Rhino Linings protect the bed of your pickup truck from the daily scratches, scrapes, dings, and bumps associated with items in the back of your vehicle. Rhino Linings prevent items from shifting during travel and protect the bed of your pickup truck from rust. Rhino Linings come in a variety of colors to match your pickup truck.


We here at CID Auto Body and Paint near Encinitas love to paint automobiles. Whether you need an auto paint job as part of your collision repair, or you are seeking an entirely new paint design, we can help. We can paint every size vehicle (from motorcycles to 18-wheelers) in a professional manner and match your car’s color schemes as well. Auto paint protects your vehicle from the elements, which can corrode your vehicle, compromising its integrity. If you’re in need of an auto body paint job near Encinitas, contact us for a free estimate.

CID Auto Body and Paint near Encinitas endeavors to be your one-stop-shop for collision repair. We not only can fix your car’s outer body, but we can replace the windshield, paint over the repaired parts, removes any dents, and Rhino Line your truck — all in one convenient location near Encinitas.

As the Top Rated Local® Auto Body Shop, CID Auto Body and Paint exists for you. We are dedicated to customer service. When you are 100 percent happy with your restored vehicle after an accident and love the new paint color on your car so you can finally find it in the parking lot, our hearts shine. Serving the people of Encinitas is a pleasure. Call us today for a free estimate.

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