Located 30 miles northeast of San Diego, beautiful Escondido is one of the oldest cities in San Diego county. Escondido means “hidden” in Spanish, which is very apropo since the best auto body and paint shop that serves Escondido is a hidden gym. CID Auto Body and Paint offers collision repair, glass replacement and glass repair, fleet and industrial services, PDR (paint-less dent removal) services, and Rhino Lining. Any auto body and paint concern you need, CID Auto Body and Paint near Escondido can help. Below is a very brief summary of what we do and how we can serve the people of Escondido.


Much like the dentist, the reason you call an auto body shop near Escondido is because you’ve been in a car accident that has caused some sort of auto body and paint damage to your vehicle. You are most likely distressed and thrown out of whack as you have to make alternative arrangements for transportation.


CID Auto Body and Paint near Escondido works with most insurance companies, so you won’t have to worry about the details of your auto body repair.

  • Rental car. If your insurance company allows for a rental car, we’ll get you connected to a rental car company.
  • Estimate. Once we assess the vehicle for damage, we’ll do an estimate. Keep in mind this estimate can change if we find more damage hidden once we begin to dismantle your car. However, you’re only responsible for your deductible if you have full coverage auto insurance.
  • Repairs. Once we assess the damage, we’ll order parts and schedule repairs. The time line depends on how quickly we can get the parts, other clients we are currently working with, and the extent of the damage to your vehicle. However, insurance will cover the cost of a rental for as long as it takes us to repair your vehicle.
  • Return. When your car’s auto body has been restored as well as any necessary auto paint done, you’ll get your car back as good as new.

CID Auto Body and Paint near Escondido focuses on the customer. We do our best to work quickly, efficiently, and effectively, so you can have your car back as soon as possible. We understand the inconvenience an auto collision causes. We want to help alleviate your worry by providing the best collision repair service in the Escondido area.


Driving along the freeways in Escondido exposes your car to flying rocks that chip your windshield. CID Auto Body and Paint specializes in glass replacement when a particularly large rock lands on your windshield or glass repair when the chip or crack in your windshield only requires a seal. We can usually offer same-day repair for most of your glass repair jobs. If you require a new windshield, that may take a few days, depending on if we have your windshield in stock or have to order one.


If you own a business in Escondido with several vehicles (or several dozen vehicles), CID Auto Body and Paint can handle all of your fleet and industrial service repairs. Keeping your fleet in top order is imperative to operating a business. As most business owners know who heavily rely on their work vehicles, when one is in the auto body shop, money is not being made. CID Auto Body and Paint works diligently to keep your fleet up and running, so your Escondido business keeps growing and thriving as well.


Sure, removing dents from your car is mostly for aesthetic purposes. But you work hard for your car, and for many, their car is an extension of themselves. Psychologists have found many people think of cars as extensions of themselves and see their car as making a statement about who they are. Hence, most of us wouldn’t want dents or scratches on our bodies, so why would you want your car to have dings or dents? CID Auto Body and Paint near Escondido offers PDR services for minor dents and bumps as well as for hail damage.


CID Auto Body and Paint has a dedicated shop to Rhino Linings and truck accessories near Escondido. Rhino Linings are the best bedliners available. Durable and tough, Rhino Linings protect the bed of your pickup truck from scratches, dents, impacts, and abrasions as well as prevents items from rolling around freely. CID Rhino Linings and Truck Accessories has a quick turnaround time, often being able to Rhino Line your truck in one day. If you’re looking for the best bed liner in Escondido, give CID Auto Body and Paint a call.


Auto paint protects the surface of your vehicle from the elements, which prevents rust and corrosion that can compromise the metal of your vehicle. CID Auto Body and Paint offers vehicle painting in the Escondido area. Whether you are looking for a custom paint job to make your vehicle stand out (and express yourself) or your son accidentally pushed a grocery cart into your brand new car and scratched the entire side panel, CID Auto Body and Paint will match your auto paint color and get your car looking brand new. We can also handle commercial trucks as well, so if you need your entire fleet custom painted with your logo, we can help.

Escondido is a hidden gem few know about in Southern California. With a Mediterranean climate of warm summers and cool, wet winters, Escondido is a wonderful place to raise a family. CID Auto Body and Paint is proud to offer our services to the residents of Escondido. Our mission is to be there when you need us for all your auto body repairs, whether you’ve been in a collision, need a new windshield, need your car to look new with PDR repair, need your business vehicles taken care of, or need your pick up Rhino Lined. Call CID Auto Body and Paint today!

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