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Dedicated to restoring your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition, the team CID Auto Body and Paint works diligently to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Our San Marcos auto body shop is a full-service collision repair center that customers can rely on for their auto repair services, including collision, glass repair, auto body painting, fleet and industrial vehicle repairs, paintless dent repair, and the best spray-in bed liner, Rhino Liners.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority. In order for us to fulfill customers’ expectations, we perform a thorough inspection of the damages to the vehicle prior to beginning repairs. Then we discuss our estimate, the cost, and the difference between repair and replace, and schedule the repairs. Once repairs begin, you can leave the rest to us! During the repair process, we will be in contact with you to update you on the status and advise of any possible delays.

Collision Repair Services in San Marcos

At CID Auto Body and Paint, we incorporate quality and efficiency in each of our repair services to ensure that any evidence of the accident is long gone. Every accident is different, which means that every repair is unique. The team at CID Auto Body and Paint are experts in collision repair and while the majority of the public are not, we understand how this can present some confusion and hesitation for those individuals. For this reason, we take every initiative to discuss the damages, the costs, and every step of the repair process to earn our customers’ trust and loyalty.

Why Choose a Local Auto Body Shop    

In a corporate driven world, supporting local businesses is not only important to their success, but as a customer you receive exceptional service. The auto body industry is no different than the local businesses in your community. CID Auto Body and Paint has proudly been serving San Marcos for 15 years as an independently owned body shop.

Body shops that operate under a conglomerate have specific rules and tight restrictions they are required to abide by that may not always be in the customer’s favor. A local auto body shop like CID Auto Body and Paint puts the customer first and repairs the vehicle according to its needs as opposed to what the business dictates. At our San Marcos auto body shop, we put customer safety and satisfaction above the repair industry standards so we can get the job done right.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t sit around researching the best auto body shops in San Marcos in anticipation of an auto accident — if so, then we commend you for being proactive and prepared. For most, the search for San Marcos body shops begins as soon as an accident occurs, which can lead to poor decision making simply because of the urgency of the situation. Now that you’ve found yourself on our site, don’t wait any longer and contact us today! We’ll schedule you for a free onsite estimate and begin your vehicle repairs as soon as possible.

Auto Body Services in San Marcos

Collision Repair

Glass Replacement

Fleet and Industrial Services

Paintless Dent Repair

Rhino Truck Bed Liners  

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For quality repairs, award-winning customer service, and an inconvenience that can be turned into a pleasant experience, contact the team at CID Auto Body and Paint!

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If you’re looking for an auto body shop in San Marcos that you can trust and depend on for exceptional quality repairs, look no further than CID Auto Body.CID Auto Body’s reputation is founded on honest, award-winning service matched with quality repairs and we are proud to offer our auto body services which include collision, PDR, glass replacement, and industrial repair in San Marcos.

No matter what your auto body needs consist of, contact the professionals at CID Auto and Paint. We’ll schedule your free consultation, compose an accurate repair estimate that is based on your vehicle’s repair needs.

Timely, Professional, and Dependable Collision Services   

Nothing is worse than running late for work or being on the way to pick up the kids from school, only to get stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. You can almost always feel the tension in the air while drivers attempt patience but inevitably drivers become more uptight causing mindless reactions and car accidents.


Car accidents don’t always happen during gridlock traffic, but they always happen at the worst times. If they happened at a convenient time, we wouldn’t refer to them as an ‘accident.’ Dealing with the many different components after an auto accident can create confusion, cause stress, frustration, and uncertainty. Your life can drastically change in a matter of minutes and at times, it might feel like nobody is willing to provide any empathetic support or direction.

The team at CID Auto Body and Paint may not understand completely what you’re going through, but we can understand the extent of your vehicle’s damage so you can leave the repairs up to us while you tend to more important areas of your life.

If you’ve never been involved in an auto accident, you have probably realized that there is a lot of items on your to-do list that you need to address. It’s safe to say that being involved in an auto accident goes well beyond the collision, which is why it’s crucial you choose an auto body shop that you can trust to go through the claim process with you professionally and timely. Fortunately, our San Diego collision shop will do more than meet your expectations — we’ll surpass your expectations in collision repair as well as customer service.

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The Collision Repair Process

No auto accident occurs in the exact same way, which means no collision repair is handled the same way either. There are many factors that can impact the direction of the repair process. While we approach every repair with care and patience, we ask that you be advised that every repair is unique but we will provide the same honest customer service that you can depend on.

Prior to any repair, an estimate needs to be written. The repair estimate is a projection of how much the repairs will cost which serves a few different purposes:

  1. Depending on the year, make, and model of the damaged vehicle, the estimate will determine if the vehicle is a total loss.
  2. The estimate tells the insurance company the cost of repairs so they will set aside funds to pay for the repairs.
  3. Allows the body shop to properly schedule the vehicle for repairs in a timely manner.
  4. Acts as a resource for all parties to determine what was damaged once the tear-down process has started during repairs.

Once a claim is filed with your insurance company, it’s up to you to choose a local collision shop where you wish to have your vehicle repaired. Your insurance company cannot choose a shop for you, despite any attempt of persuasion, you have the freedom to select the best auto body shop for you.

Windshield and Glass Replacement Services

If you think about it, our windshields take a beating. When you’re cruising down the highway at a high rate of speed, especially on a regular basis, your auto glass is bound to catch a rock and other road debris. Not to mention, the damage the weather can cause on your vehicle windows has the potential of being fairly significant. Broken tree limbs from high winds and hail storms are common sources of shattered auto glass.

Of course, there are other ways your auto glass can be damaged to the point that it requires replacement. Whether your windshield has a superficial crack or the glass has shattered completely, our professional technicians at our auto repair shop in San Diego have the tools and the knowledge, and the precision to complete the job right and fast so you can get back on your way.

We Are Your Source for Paintless Dent Repair in San Marcos

Has your vehicle recently taken a hit (or many) from a recent hail storm with dozens of dimple impressions remaining? If so, bring your vehicle to CID Auto Body and Paint for paintless dent repair (PDR).

PDR is an innovative repair process that allows body shop technicians to quickly remove dents without disassembling parts or compromising your vehicle’s paint.   

Vehicle repairs can be a daunting process, but when you choose the right auto body shop it doesn’t have to be. CID Auto Body and Paint proudly serves San Marcos as a leading full-service repair shop that maintains a credible reputation. We aim to make every customer’s experience positive so when they leave our shop, they leave with quality repairs and a lasting impression.

CID Auto Body and Paint is more than a collision shop in San Marcos. We are a team of professionals who truly care about the quality of repairs just as much as we care about the appearance. Don’t waste time continuing your search for the best auto body shop in San Diego, you’ve already found it. Contact CID Auto Body and Paint today for a free consultation!

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